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This bit is really important

Each hammock is weight tested to hold 20 stone. The beams have been passed by a Structural Engineer who has given the mighty nod that multiple hammocks can be used on the same beam. Life is good…however, if the hammock is snagged it can potentially weaken the fabric.

To minimise the risk of snagging the fabric please keep nails short and remove all jewellery (except small ear studs and flat wedding bands). Getting jewellery caught on the fabric is also a health and safety risk to yourself. Catching an earring on the fabric whilst flipping upside down? Ouch!

Check for zips or sharp bits on clothes. We may ask you to remove clothing that has zips or sharp bits - Aerial yoga in your undies is not as relaxing as you might think! Your safety and the integrity of the fabric is paramount and therefore, anyone who is unwilling or unable to follow the above requests will unfortunately not be able to participate – we hope you understand.