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Group Classes

Yoga group classes. Slaithwaite, Huddersfield

My Yoga @ My Yoga Room

Taught from my home in Slaithwaite to a maximum of 5 students. Some classes are dynamic and energizing, others are quieter and restful. I teach a range of postures in a progressive sequence so you have the option of staying in a particular posture or moving into a more challenging version of the posture.

Over time, you will learn more about the poses so that you develop strength, stamina, more flexibility and a feeling of being ‘centred’ in yourself. The qualities you gain from the class will hopefully help you outside the class too.

I aim to take into account any extreme fatigue or injury or stress you are bringing to class. Please let me know upon arrival if your physical, mental or emotional health needs some TLC. You may need to be in different poses that are more suitable for you.

I creatively use props such as specially designed yoga bricks and blocks, belts, bolsters and walls. I adjust where necessary and often teach paired postures.

I end each class with a relaxation where I dim the lights, crank up the heating, cover you in blankets, pad you out with cushions and talk you through relaxing each part of your body…pure bliss!

Wakey Wakey @ Om Is Where The Heart Is

We will move with our breath to open, lengthen and strengthen the body so that we can step off the mat and into our day feeling connected, centred and ready to face whatever the day brings us. Expect Sun Salutations, Warrior Flows, meditation, chanting and relaxation. Little yogis are welcome at this class to chill or join in.

Thank Flow its Friday @ Om Is Where The Heart Is

Creative flowing class. Each week is different, some classes are dynamic and energising and others quieter and restful but always bringing our attention back to the flow of breath, the flow of movement , the flow of prana. You will leave feeling centred and energised and ready to take what you learn on the mat out into your day.

Yoga group classes. Slaithwaite, Huddersfield


My Yoga - £7

Om is Where the Heart Is
- £8 drop in
- £35 - 5 class pass
- £65 - 10 class pass

My Yoga Room

For more information and price packages about mat classes at Om Is Where The Heart Is please check out their website -


"I was a complete beginner at yoga, but Katy's classes were accessible, encouraging and friendly. I soon found that yoga was something that helped my overall mood and focus during the working week."
 - Lisa

Private 1-2-1 classes

  • £25 for a 75 minute class

Contact me
for further details and to book.

Family Yoga

  • £8  1 adult & 1 child
  • £2  additional family members 

Last Sunday of the month.
Limited space, places bookable


Womens Centres

These classes are FREE and available to women only.
Just turn up.